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Sustainability & global citizenship: primary
Sustainability & global citizenship: primary

Sample Lesson Sequence

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This is a suggested selection of lessons for the broad theme of sustainability and global citizenship education. For more information on our definitions and understanding of these concepts in relation to the curriculum and learning in schools, please see here. All resources have been hyperlinked for your ease.

We encourage you to adapt the lessons to suit the age and needs of your students. All Lyfta lesson plans can be edited if you have a premium subscription.

Summary: Germany. We'll meet Malte, a beekeeper from Berlin, and explore sustainable ways of living and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The change towards a more sustainable future begins with people making changes in their own lives as well as governments and industry. Malte shows us how his choices contribute towards sustainability.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 PSHE; KS2 Citizenship

Lesson: Meet Andrea

Summary: Argentina. In this lesson we meet Andrea from the Jujuy region of Argentina, who works as a waste picker on a landfill site. We'll introduce the issue of landfill, and ask who creates least waste: UK, Finland or Argentina? We will find out about Andrea's life in Argentina, and her resilience and adaptability working at a landfill site.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 Geography; KS2 Maths; KS2 Science; KS2 Citizenship

Summary: United Kingdom. We'll meet Rob from Cornwall and learn about his work reusing ocean plastic.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 Geography; KS2 PSHE; KS2 Science; KS2 English

Summary: Peru. We'll find out about some of the people that live in the Peruvian rainforest, and how they feed their families sustainably. This is an ideal introductory lesson into the Amazonian Treats storyworld!

National Curriculum Links: KS1 - KS2 Geography; KS1 - KS2 Science; KS1 - KS3 Design and Technology; KS2 PSHE

Accessible lesson: Forest guardian: accessible

Summary: Philippines. Meet forest guardian Nay Elaine (Mother Elaine) and explore Mount Apo and the forest.

National Curriculum Links: KS1 Science; KS2 Science; KS1 - KS2 Geography; KS1 - KS2 Music

Further content linked to the theme of Sustainability & global citizenship: primary:

Summary: United States. We'll visit the Aquarium in San Francisco and experience some ocean themed sensory activities.

Summary: The world. We'll visit a Lyfta storyworld and take part in a virtual school trip.

Summary: Ethiopia. In this lesson you will find out how Awra Amba places equal importance on the wellbeing of its members as on economic growth. You will also learn what a cooperative is.

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