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Social and emotional learning: primary
Social and emotional learning: primary

Sample Lesson Sequence

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This is a suggested selection of lessons for the broad theme of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Please see here for working definitions and a general overview of how Lyfta can be used to support SEL in schools. All resources have been hyperlinked for your ease.

We encourage you to adapt the lessons to suit the age and needs of your students. All Lyfta lesson plans can be edited if you have a premium subscription.

Summary: Denmark. A pair of lessons exploring Deenpal's life and faith as a young Sikh boy, aged 12, growing up in Denmark. This lesson explores Deenpal's storyworld, Brave on the Pitch, and discusses hopes and dreams, fears, resilience and goal setting.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 - KS3 RE; KS2 PSHE; KS2 Citizenship; KS2 - KS3 PE

Lesson: Compassion

Summary: Ethiopia. In this lesson you will find out about the community of Awra Amba and how the people who live there make sure that no one suffers from poverty.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 English; KS2 PSHE; KS2 Citizenship

Assembly: Kids’ Cup

Summary: Norway. This assembly complements four #LyftaTime lesson plans for the storyworld series Kids' Cup, which has teams and stories from young footballers in China, Brazil, Palestine and host nation Norway. It explores themes of resilience, winning and losing, is adaptable and suitable for KS2 and KS3.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 PSHE

Summary: Brazil, Norway and Palestine. Meet the people who support and motivate the young footballers competing in the Norway Kids' Cup. We will also think about people who inspire and motivate us. We also consider disappointment and how to deal with this.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 PSHE; KS2 Citizenship

Summary: Turkey. We'll meet Erkan and discover his work volunteering in Ankara.

National Curriculum Links: KS1 Citizenship; KS2 Citizenship; KS1 Science

Summary: France and Belgium. Meet a circus family and find out about the hard work that goes into making the perfect show. Explore Romy's family home and learn about the many people whose culture includes travelling.

National Curriculum Links: KS1 - KS2 PSHE; KS1 - KS2 English

Summary: Brazil. Meet classical violinist Izandra from Brazil and find out how she has created many opportunities for herself and others.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 PSHE

Further content linked to the theme of Social and emotional learning: primary:

Summary: Greece. In this lesson we will visit the Greek island of Arki to find out about Kristos' family life, as well as how he likes to spend his free time.

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