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Character and values: primary
Character and values: primary

Sample Lesson Sequence

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The following lesson and assembly plans can be run together as a distinct unit of work or used ad hoc to enhance learning in any aspect of school life. The following character traits can be explored with these sessions: honesty, authenticity, respect, courtesy, compassion, dedication and resilience. For further links in a deeper exploration of how Lyfta supports Character and Values, please see here. All resources have been hyperlinked for your ease.

We encourage you to adapt the lessons to suit the age and needs of your students. All Lyfta lesson plans can be edited if you have a premium subscription.

Summary: Denmark. Meet Asmir and explore the themes of belonging and inclusion.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 PSHE

Summary: Ethiopia. Learn how to show respect to others — even when you don’t agree.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 PSHE

Assembly: Sisterhood

Summary: Hungary. Think about our own relationships with any siblings, cousins or friends; and what we can learn from the sisters.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 PSHE

Further content linked to the theme of Character and values: primary:

Summary: Indonesia. Meet Ahen, who lives in Borneo in Indonesia. Discover how he became a tatung, or spirit medium, whose purpose in life is to help others.

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