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Cultural capital: primary
Cultural capital: primary

Sample Lesson Sequence

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This is a suggested selection of lessons for the broad theme of cultural capital and intercultural learning. For more information on our definitions and understanding of cultural capital in relation to the curriculum and learning in schools, please see here. All resources have been hyperlinked for your ease.

We encourage you to adapt the lessons to suit the age and needs of your students. All Lyfta lesson plans can be edited if you have a premium subscription.

Summary: Indonesia. In this lesson we will meet Ahen who lives in Borneo in Indonesia, and we will discover how to develop intercultural understanding.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 - KS3 PSHE; KS2 - KS3 English

Summary: Finland. In this assembly we will meet Michal, a professional ballet dancer. We will learn about the importance of challenging stereotypes and being aware of them in intercultural learning.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 - KS3 PSHE; KS2 Citizenship

Summary: Finland. During this lesson, we will meet Habiba and her family. We will learn about Somali cuisine and get to plan a menu of your own.

National Curriculum Links: KS1 - KS2 English; KS1 - KS2 PSHE; KS1 - KS2 Geography; KS1 - KS2 Design and Technology

Assembly: Cultural icons

Summary: United Kingdom. We'll meet Tony and find out about his work salvaging old phone boxes. This assembly explores the British cultural icon of the red telephone box.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 Citizenship; KS2 PSHE

Summary: Palestine, Denmark and Brazil. Visit three different children's bedrooms from around the world and discover some interesting things about them. Learners have the opportunity to explore children's bedrooms around the world, finding out a little about each individual child in the process and thinking about what they might have in common. The main activity involves making a model of their bedroom. We explore themes such as family and identity.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 English; KS2 PSHE; KS2 Art

Summary: United States. We'll meet Giuseppe and Joeleen in San Francisco and learn how Joeleen communicates. We'll learn how to sign our names in British Sign Language (BSL).

National Curriculum Links: KS2 PSHE; KS2 Citizenship; KS1 - KS3 English

More accessible lesson plans suitable for KS1 and learners with SEND:

Lesson: Musical professions - Finland

Assembly: Orchestra - Finland

Lesson: Virtual school trip - the world

Lesson: Bedrooms around the world (KS1) - Palestine, Denmark and Brazil

Lesson: Forest guardian (accessible) - Philippines

Other ideas for KS1/ learners with SEND:

Assmebly: Visit the circus! 🎪 - France and Belgium

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