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How to manage your school subscription
How to manage your school subscription

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The new Lyfta school account dashboard enables Lyfta Leads and school admins at individual schools and MATs to manage their school’s subscription, seat allocation, and subscribed teachers directly from within the Lyfta interface.

The school account dashboard is located in the 'School account' section of the teacher interface in the navigation bar at the left-hand side.

Functionality overview

1. Invite new teachers

Here you can invite your colleagues to join the Lyfta platform. Either one at a time, or in bulk using a csv. Once invited, the teacher/s will receive an email inviting them to set their password. Each invited teacher will automatically be allocated a subscribed seat.

2. See how many seats

Here you can see how many subscribed seats are included in the school’s subscription - and how many are used. Supplementary seats are not counted in the subscribed seat numbers and can only be allocated by your Engagement Manager.

3. Filter your view

Here you can filter teachers by their role - eg teachers, leaders or support staff.

4. Delete teachers

You can select teachers to delete (remove) from the account. Tick the box on the left and choose 'delete teacher'. If they had a subscribed seat, their seat will now be available to relocate.

5. Reset Password

Here you can trigger a password reset email to be sent to your colleagues.

6. Edit teacher details

Here you can edit a teacher's name, surname, email address and even remove or allocate a subscription seat.

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