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How to get the best Lyfta experience

Browsers, devices, network and internet speed

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Lyfta works on all modern browsers across all devices except mobile phones. We specifically test our platform on Chrome. If you use iPads, please use the Chrome or Safari browser.

Sometimes network filters may block essential URLs which prevent Lyfta from working properly. Please ask your IT administrator to whitelist (i.e. unblock) the following URL to ensure the smooth running of Lyfta's training, platform and content:

* (all sub-domains of

Recommended internet speed: 10Mb/s download speed. Download speed slower than 5Mb/s may have an impact on usability.

We recommend a high screen resolution to get the best Lyfta viewing experience.

A higher screen resolution means that icons and text will appear a bit smaller on your screen, but you'll fit a lot more data and detail on your screen too - so you won't have to scroll as much.

Increasing the resolution on a Chromebook:

- Click the clock on the bottom right of the screen

- Click the 'Settings' cog

- Select 'Device' from the left menu

- Select 'Display' from the list

- Scroll down until you find 'Display Size' and move the toggle towards 'Small'

Increasing the resolution on other Operating Systems.

Mac OS:

- System Settings

- Displays

- Here you can select a higher resolution (fit more on your screen)

Windows 11:

- search for "resolution' in the search bar

- select 'change the resolution of the display'

- under "Display resolution" select a higher option

As it stands, the second number in the resolution dimensions has to be bigger than 600.

So for example :

1051 x 591 won't load the globe (student app)

But 1138 x 640 WILL

Remember: the higher, the better :)

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