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Ecosystems, habitats and living things
Ecosystems, habitats and living things

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Journey all across the world to 6 different habitats and microhabitats and learn about the things that live there. On each journey consider the threats and challenges for life there and how different people are involved in their local ecosystem. All resources have been hyperlinked for your ease.

We encourage you to adapt the lessons to suit the age and needs of your students. All Lyfta lesson plans can be edited if you have a premium subscription.

Summary: China. Learn about the different animals that you may find in deserts and consider the challenges of life there and how animals need to adapt! Meet a man who is concerned about desertification and hear about his creative way to stop it.

National Curriculum Links: KS1 - KS2 Science; KS2 Geography

Summary: Peru and Germany. Visit the rainforest and a beehive as you look through the eyes of the invertebrates that live there. Compare with European beekeeping methods through the eyes of a German beekeeper. Explore themes of sustainability and how our need for food can impact the environment.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 - KS3 Geography; KS2 - KS3 Science; KS2 - KS3 Design and Technology; KS2 PSHE

Summary: United States. Now let’s consider our ocean ecosystems as a fisherman and fisherwoman tell us about how the collapse of a fishery impacted them and the local ecosystem. Discuss the interconnectedness of our world through food chain games and also learn more about the dangers of microplastics in our oceans.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 - KS3 Science; KS3 Design and Technology; KS2 Citizenship; KS2 PSHE

Summary: Philippines. Travel to an ancient forest to meet a conservationist and learn about what happens when an animal becomes endangered. Consider what the threats are to birds and why it’s so important that we protect the animals of our planet.

National Curriculum Links: KS2 - KS3 Geography

Further content linked to the theme of Ecosystems, habitats and living things:

Assembly: Growing food

Summary: Tanzania. Discover the ways Tanzanian farmer Simon grows food.

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